Accessorize Your 2013 Dodge Dart with 150 Mopar Parts

The Dodge Dart available here at Glenn Polk Autoplex has plenty of features giving you a diverse and enriching driving experience. But, if you want that extra dose of style or performance, Dodge parts can get the job done for you.

In fact, there are over 150 add-ons and accessories that can be used on the Dart. They range from items like spoilers, along with grille, fascia, hood and wheel enhancements, which includes chrome accents and more.

That will have you looking good cruising the streets of the greater Gainesville area, but what about inside? You're going to want the interior style to match the exterior, right?

One way to do that is through technology, and with add-on parts for the Dodge Dart, you can get one innovative feature: Wireless Charging. This allows you to power your devices without the use of a plug-in port or chords. It creates a charging zone near the center console, and automatically will give your device more battery power. In addition, there's also Wi-Fi access available on the Dodge Dart, bringing a whole new meaning to being connected on the go.

Those are just a few of the options available. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact us online here at Glenn Polk Autoplex, or visit us at 4330 N Interstate 35 Gainesville, TX 76240. We'd be happy to discuss the parts available to you, and can even schedule a time for our service and auto repair specialists to install some of these enhancements for you. We can also answer your questions and set up test drives in new Dodge models at your convenience.

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