Maintenance and Repairs are running costs of Car Ownership


Purchasing or leasing a car is a major investment. The best way to protect that investment is by keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. And the best way to do that is to make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding regular maintenance of your vehicle. Doing so will help protect you against costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns — especially when you work with a service team as skilled, professional and customer-focused as the one at Glenn Polk Autoplex in Gainesville, TX.

Do the Math

When shopping for a vehicle, it’s wise to make sure your monthly payment budget includes both the cost of the car itself and the recommended maintenance. Doing so will keep you from becoming overwhelmed with issues that may arise throughout the month. Here are some simple maintenance steps and auto repairs drivers in Gainesville (or anywhere else in Texas) can take that will save them money in the long run.

Change Your Oil

Your car is an example of some of the most precise engineering human beings have devised. As such, it must be kept well-oiled to keep it running at peak condition.

Over time, the lubricants in your car’s become dirty and require replacement. For example, without fresh, clean oil, your engine is at risk of being exposed to corrosion. And that can shorten its lifespan.

Faithfully scheduling an oil change after every 3,000 miles you put on your vehicle is much cheaper than replacing an entire engine. The latter can cost approximately $4,000. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of our Express Lane Oil & Filter Change and pay only $69.95 to protect your engine now and for miles to come.

Rotate Your Tires

Want to double the life of a tire? You can with one simple trick — rotation! Your tires are where your vehicle literally meets the road, meaning they are subject to friction, abrasion and wear.

To prevent your tires from wearing unevenly, or wearing out altogether, have them rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Doing so helps better distribute your vehicle's weight across all four tires, preserving their tread and extending their life. Meanwhile, buying a complete set of four new tires could set you back over $700.

This quick and inexpensive task can be carried out by a service professional. Learn more about the value of tire rotation in our helpful vehicle service video library.

Choose Wisely At The Pump

Fuel gives your car energy, so make sure you feed it the best grade possible. While it can be tempting to save a few cents by choosing the cheapest gasoline, many manufacturers recommend a premium version. Lower octane gas can reduce performance or lower fuel economy. The sticker price may be higher, but when you select the right fuel at the pump, you’re protecting your engine and saving money on potentially expensive repairs.

Auto Repairs In Gainesville

Whether you're seeking preventative maintenance or run into an issue you weren’t quite expecting, the expert service technicians at Glenn Polk Autoplex are here to help. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We'll get to work putting your vehicle back where it belongs — on the road.

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