Ram 2500 For Sale at Glenn Polk Autoplex CDJR in Gainesville


Learn about the Benefits of the Ram 2500 for Sale at Glenn Polk CDJR

The 2018 Ram 2500 is an impressive truck no matter how you look at it. It offers the raw power you need from a heavy-duty truck without sacrificing any of the conveniences of a light-duty vehicle. There are many options for customization to make this truck suit your needs, and it perfectly blends convenience with utility. Read below to learn more about why you should strongly consider buying a new 2018 Ram 2500.


Features of the New 2018 Ram 2500

There are three major reasons why the 2018 Ram 2500 stands out from other new cars:

  • Appearance – You can choose from several cab or trim styles, each offering a variation on the theme. The Laramie model cabs range from the fitting Crew Cab to the sizeable Mega Cab. The Laramie Longhorn offers stunning trim only surpassed by the Limited model. The sleek design is a thoroughly modern approach to building trucks but doesn’t change things for the sake of being different. You’ll see the signs of what came before brought to a new height as they are designed around one of the most powerful consumer trucks on the market. Choose from optional add-ons like the bright front bumper, grille, and rear bumper.


  • Utility – ‘Power’ is a word that comes to mind when thinking about what the 2018 Ram 2500 can do. The cargo space in the pick-up bed is phenomenal, and you can even fold the rear seats in the cabin for an additional storage option. The I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine unleashes its full potential when the truck is loaded down but still powers up hills and across countryside. Added features like the rear parking camera, parking sensors, and the auto-dimming rear-view mirror are helpful to stay away from accidents.


  • Comfort – The cabin and features of this truck are truly impressive. The supportive seats are ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the driver and passengers, while the coil-spring suspension removes much of the bounciness of the ride, keeping the cabin moving smoothly even on rough roads.


Why You Should Explore Glenn Polk Autoplex for a 2018 Ram 2500 for Sale in Gainesville

We boast an extensive selection of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram trucks, both used and new. We’re happy to help you find the truck you’re seeking. Our customer service team has the knowledge to answer your questions about buying a new truck. Further, we can help you with great financing options and great deals on 2500 Ram pick-ups.

Glenn Polk Autoplex in Gainesville accepts trade-ins, so you don’t need to worry about finding a buyer for your old truck. Bring in your old Ram and upgrade to the 2500. Coupled with our amazing deals, you can see 25% or more off a new Ram truck. Don’t worry about a prior owner and the wear-and-tear they may have inflicted on it. Instead, you get the break the truck in and see how it handles both on and off the road. Contact us to learn more about how you can start driving a new Ram 2500 today.

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