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Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Pickup Truck

For most people, buying a new or used car means moving on from a previous vehicle. Buyers choose to do different things with their old vehicles. If you have kids who are nearing driving age, you might choose to pass your car on to them and buy yourself an upgrade. You might try selling your car on your own—a potentially profitable but usually time-consuming process. In most buying situations, your third option is to trade in your current vehicle with the help of a dealer. Depending on the value of your previous vehicle, this option could take a significant chunk out of the purchase price of your next automobile. 


At Glenn Polk Autoplex, “What is my car worth?” is one of the first questions that we hear from buyers. Our customers want to calculate how much they will pay out of pocket for a new Jeep or Ram after their trade-in—and we want to help.


Value Your Trade at Glenn Polk CDJR


Glenn Polk Autoplex is a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership. If you are shopping for a vehicle that falls into the CDJR brand range, our new and used CDJR dealer near Gainesville, TX is the place to start. While we are a CDJR dealership, we accept trade-ins spanning all makes, models, and model years of automobiles.


Whether you drive a 2008 Mazda RX-8 or a 2002 Lincoln Continental, we are willing to consider your vehicle as a trade-in when you buy from our new and used car inventory. If the condition of your car is good, we can promise a value trade for your vehicle—in other words, we will pay you the estimated value of your car based on the current market and automotive industry trends. You can trust that we aren’t going to swindle you to underpay for a quality vehicle:  we do our best to pay top dollar and stay true to our customers, trade-in after trade-in.


With us, valuing your trade is easy. Any dealership will appraise your car and give you a trade-in price if you are serious about buying from them. We go one step further, providing you with a detailed vehicle report that goes deeper than what you can find on car value websites such as Kelly Blue Book. Our reports not only include details on the fair market value range of your vehicle but are also localized to the area: if your car make and model has been selling quickly in this region, that factor will add value for a dealership. 


Dealers typically will not provide this information, preferring to give themselves the high ground in negotiations—they want to pay less for your vehicle and then sell it for more. We do things differently. 


Our vehicle reports include information about the supply of cars such as yours that are in the market pool right now (the same make, model, and model year), as well as a “demand index” reading. The demand index grades current demand for a make and model on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). The higher your car scores on this index, the more potential buyers it has and the more valuable it is to the dealership. 


All these factors should impact the trade-in potential of your car and its fair market value. In protecting their own interests, most dealers simply aren’t forthcoming with this information. We provide these details to you for free via our website so that you know how much value your car holds and how much negotiating power you have before you ever walk through our doors. We believe that our customers deserve to have every piece of information at their disposal before they decide what to do with an asset as valuable as a car—used or not.


With us, you don’t have to spend hours doing your own research online. Just head to the “Value Your Trade” page on our website, and we will provide a ballpark answer to the critical question, “What is my car worth?” 


Visit Glenn Polk CDJR Near Gainesville, TX


Our appraisers will review your vehicle in-person to assess condition and other factors that might impact value. This process is easy and quick, and it can be done while you are exploring our extensive used car inventory, going for a test drive, or finalizing the paperwork to buy your next new or used car. 


We hope that you will pay a visit to Glenn Polk CDJR near Gainesville, TX to discover your next adventure behind the wheel. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a test drive, contact us today.

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