The Best Ram Truck Engines for Towing


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Let's face it: sometimes, going from "Point A" to "Point B" requires a little more power and heft than your average family sedan. Whether you're towing a load of lumber, a boat, an RV, or a rented trailer, you need the ability to haul the largest amount of cargo when it matters most. Are you considering the benefits of a well-regarded vehicle such as a Ram 2500 with a diesel engine to provide you with the towing capabilities you need? In doing so, you may notice that some trim levels come with different options for the engine bay. 

When towing capacity matters to you, so should your choice in a power plant. How can you ensure you make the right investment and don't lose out on the abilities your circumstances require? Discover valuable insights into your engine options with Glenn Polk Autoplex today. 

The Cummins I6 Turbo Diesel Engine

Cummins engines have a storied history taking their place inside Ram trucks, and the latest models are no different, featuring a turbocharged diesel engine that uses the "I6," or "inline-six" cylinder arrangement that has become a hallmark of Cummins. Designed to be a "clean diesel" engine in that it produces less particulate matter during combustion, it can nonetheless output a considerable amount of power — 850 pound-feet of torque, to be precise, which ultimately yields nearly 22,000 pounds in towing capacity. That's 11 tons of brute strength. Combine it with the I6 Turbo's 370 horsepower, and you'll find this engine gives your Ram plenty of "get up and go" when you need to reach safe speeds quickly even while towing a heavy load. 

The I6 available in the 2500 is powerful, but if you need nearly unmatched power from your truck, look no farther than the High Output Cummins I6 available in the latest Ram 3500 models. With a truly enormous towing capacity of 35,100 pounds, you'll need a commercial driver’s license to take advantage of its full ability legally! Four hundred horses combine to provide a torque output of precisely 1000 pound-feet for when you have no choice but to hitch up and haul even the heaviest trailers. 

The 6.7L HEMI V8 (with Optional eTorque)

One of the defining features of the Ram has been the employment of the HEMI engine, a brand name short for the "hemispherical" combustion chamber that sets it apart from other engines. This unique design can deliver better efficiency in fuel combustion, a valuable asset when you're on the road and hauling over long distances. Add in the latest Ram innovation, the eTorque system, and you gain even better fuel mileage. An alternator system replacement, the eTorque system not only provides the electrical power for the vehicle but also delivers additional torque when necessary.

The HEMI engine also features exceedingly precise "variable valve timings," a computer-aided engine efficiency adjustment that delivers more power when you need it most. By sensing the RPM output of the engine and taking into account current towing conditions, the engine can adjust its intensity to supply a continuous amount of torque necessary to sustain towing. Overall, the HEMI clocks lower than the Cummins Turbo Diesel in terms of output with 400 to 430 pound-feet of torque but yields excellent performance across the board. For those with less heavy-duty towing needs, the HEMI is an excellent choice. 

How the Ram's Options Stack Up Against Other Popular Truck Engines

There's no shortage of competition when it comes to truck engines. Other options, such as the Powerstroke diesel engine typically found in trucks such as the Ford F-150, and the Duramax diesel found in Chevy vehicles, can put up some stiff competition to the Ram. In some cases, for example, Ford Power Stroke engines can outclass Ram engines in terms of raw torque output. However, Duramax diesels don't typically reach the same torque levels, which equates to less towing capability. Ultimately, however, the top-of-the-line engines are essentially within striking distance of one another. In the end, your choice may come down not only to the towing capacity of the vehicle and the engine's abilities but also to the other features of the vehicle — such as the creature comforts inside the cab. 

Find the Perfect Pickup at the Right Price Today

Whether you're hauling horses, pulling an RV, or putting your truck through its paces on the worksite, the versatility of the Ram is tough to beat — it's towing abilities earn the moniker "best in class" for a reason, after all. Is the HEMI V8 the right engine for you, or the enduring power of the Cummins turbo diesel? Dig deeper into the answers to those questions when you choose to shop for a Ram at Glenn Polk in Gainesville, TX. Our friendly sales associates will be happy to walk you through the detailed tech specs while taking into consideration the unique demands of your situation. Stop by and see us today, or find out how to get in touch for more information first.

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