Dodge Ram Fort Worth Dallas Dealer

Dodge Ram Fort Worth Dallas Dealer - Glenn Polk Autoplex located just north of the metroplex in Gainesville.  We are the best place to go, to find the perfect Dodge Ram Truck that fits you.  We have a great selection of not only Ram Trucks but also Jeep Chrysler and Dodge vehicles! No matter what you are in the market for we can take care of you and your family 100%.

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Dodge Ram wins award after award with its outstanding performance, rugged looks, aggressive stance, and Dodge heritage.

Dodge Ram Fort Worth Dallas Dealer - Glenn Polk Autoplex want you to know that Ram 1500 also has an amazing starting price of only $21,475! Glenn Polk in Gainesville Texas wants to be your Fort Worth Dallas Prefered Ram Dealer - less than an hour north on 35 we will do whatever it takes to earn your business and treat you right.

Why is Dodge Ram 1500 the best?

- No Warranty goes longer, Ram has a 100,000 Powertrain - Ford only goes to 60,000.
- 22 MPG AND Dodge Ram beats both Ford and Chevy in BOTH standard Hoursepower and Torque!
- Best suspension in the marketplace! Dodge Ram is the ONLY 1500 with coil springs instead of outdated leafsprings.
- Plus much more! See Dealer for a true side by side match-up. Dodge Ram wins hands down against both Ford and Chevy everytime.

Dodge Ram Fort Worth Dallas Dealer - Glenn Polk Autoplex - Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram dealership in Gainesville Texas.